If one were to make a list of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods, 346 Davenport would be at the epicentre. There is simply no more perfectly situated location in all of Toronto.


    Crowned by Sir Henry Pellatt’s legendary castle known as “Toronto’s Camelot”, this magical borough is nestled on the edge of Avenue Road Hill, offering a majestic view of the city below. A sojourn through its tree lined streets provides a storybook setting famous the world


    Casa Loma 1 Austin Terrace
    George Brown College 160 Kendal Ave
    Baldwin Steps 486 Davenport Rd
    Tarragon Theatre 30 Bridgman Ave


    Containing more parks per square meter than any other neighbourhood, this ever-changing palette of city life is home to interior design shops, fashion boutiques and curbside coffee shops. Recently, it has become a gourmet destination where emerging chefs and restaurateurs practice their culinary skills to excite the gourmand in you.


    Sir Winston Churchill Park 301 St Clair Ave W
    Fat Pasha 414 Dupont St
    Playa Cabana 111 Dupont St
    Upper Canada College 200 Lonsdale Rd
    South Hill Home 200 Dupont St
    Ezra’s Pound 238 Dupont St


    Once home to the city’s most moneyed and successful business people, The Annex continues to morph into a diverse and exciting entertainment, educational and shopping district. In fluenced by its proximity to the University of Toronto, business people, artists and students mix to create a diverse and energy filled atmosphere.


    Christie Pits Park 750 Bloor St W
    University of Toronto 371 Bloor St W
    The ROM 100 Queens Park
    Honest Ed’s 581 Bloor St W
    Bata Shoe Museum 327 Bloor St W
    Mistura 265 Davenport Rd


    Arguably the most famous neighbourhood in Toronto, Yorkville has a vibrant history. Founded by Joseph Bloor in 1830, it has since provided the city with a colourful history from 1960’s hippie haven to today’s eclectic mix of condos, office towers, chic boutiques, ve star hotels and individual Victorian townhomes. Yorkville continues to change and amaze.


    The Four Seasons Hotel 60 Yorkville Ave
    Equinox 55 Avenue Rd
    Whole Foods 87 Avenue Rd
    Holt Renfrew 50 Bloor St W
    Odon Wagner Gallery 198 Davenport Rd
    NAO Steakhouse 90 Avenue Rd
    Simeone Napoli 92 Scollard St


    Situated along Yonge Street, Summerhill is a collection of stately homes nestled along winding streets surrounded by the most incredible parkland our metropolis has to offer. The tree lined streets o er a respite from the hum of the city, interspersed with some of the most eclectic shopping in town. From the converted North Toronto Train station built in 1916 to family owned grocery and specialty food purveyors, Summerhill has something special for every taste.


    Rosehill Reservoir
    Boxcar Social 1208 Yonge St
    The Monk’s Table 1276 Yonge St
    Black Camel 4 Crescent Rd
    Scaramouche 1 Benvenuto
    Pl Joso’s 202 Davenport Rd
    All The Best Fine Foods 1101 Yonge St
    York Racquets Club 50 Marlborough Ave
    Terroni 1095 Yonge St


    Named because of the profusion of wild roses scattered throughout the area, Rosedale has risen to become the home to Canada’s most prominent families. From Georgian mansions to stark modern architecture, Rosedale is synonymous with wealth and power. Once home to Rosedale Golf Club, today the area is dotted with sumptuous parks and scenic walking trails that still echo its storied history.


    Nadege Patisserie 1099 Yonge St
    Greenhouse Juice Co. 5 Macpherson Ave
    The Private World of Mary Tripi 890 Yonge St
    Ramsden Park 1020 Yonge St
    Rosedale Diner 1164 Yonge St

  • BOXCAR 1208 Yonge St 18min
  • GREENHOUSE JUICE CO. 5 Macpherson Ave 14min
  • YORK RACQUETS CLUB 50 Marlborough Ave 13min
  • RAMSDEN PARK 1020 Yonge St 14min
  • ROM 100 Queens Park 13min
  • ALL THE BEST 1101 Yonge St 16min
  • HOLT RENFREW 50 Bloor St W 19min
  • HARRY ROSEN 82 Bloor St W 18min
  • LCBO 10 Scrivener Sq 17min
  • TERRONI 1095 Yonge St 15min
  • JOSO’S 202 Davenport Rd 6min
  • FOUR SEASONS HOTEL & CAFE BOULUD 60 Yorkville Ave 15min


Every great city is a collection, a variety of distinctive places, people and things brought together to create a neighbourhood. At 346 Davenport you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are at the heart of the city’s most intriguing communities.

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    The distance in kilometres to City Hall.

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    The number of Canada's Top 100 Restaurants within walking distance.

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    The number of minutes it takes to walk to the world-class Royal Ontario Museum.

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    The number of art galleries within a ten minute walk.

  • 220

    The distance in metres to the city's top rated Mexican restaurant, Playa Cabana.

  • 346

    The most perfect address in town.

  • 450

    The number of French wines in the renowned Summerhill LCBO Vintages.